Workday Team

Executive Governance Committee (Executive Sponsors)

Working with the Project Manager and Steering Committee, Executive Sponsors resolve escalated issues in a timely manner and sign off on key deliverables throughout the project.

Dorothy Russell
David Kian
Gary Perry

Workday Steering Committee/Project Champions

The Steering Committee includes the following members:

Stacey Semmel, Co-Chair (Finance) - Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs and University Budget Director
Jason Ball, Co-Chair (OIT) - Associate Provost and Chief Information Officer
Jeffery Hoyt, IEA
Morley Barnett, Internal Audit
Sharon Brown, Foundation
David Tomanio, AVP Human Resources
Denise Campbell, Human Resources
Amy Cavasos, Finance
Jessica Cohen, Financial Accounting
Gerard Clinton, CDSI College Business Manager
John Covell, OIT
Kathleen Dimaggio, A&L College Business Manager
Barbara Kenney, Project Manager
Gregory Morgan, HBOI/Research
Rochelle Prince, Provost’s Office
Ed Schiff, Purchasing
Jie Shi, Budget
James Wilkie, Research
Pamela Wood, Facilities
Rosa Naujoks, Payroll, AP, Labor Distribution Lead 
Deb Brooks, Change Management Lead/Demos
Tamalyn Resnick, Workday Training Lead
Dominique Blanchard, College Business Manager Representative (SCI)
Lynn Asseff, College Business Manager Representative (SCI)
Heather Saunders, Grants
Jill Rosen, Business Manager Representative (eLearning)
Jaclyn Deaquino, College of Medicine
Brian Battle, Athletics
Michael Cocuzza, Student Affairs & Housing/Residential Education

Project Management Team 

Workday’s Project Management Team oversees all phases of the Workday Project and ensures that each of the project teams meets their milestones and produces deliverables.

Barbara Kenney, Project Manager Interface to Workday

HCM Team

Lead –  Denise Campbell, Human Resources

Secondary Leads:
Sharon Berger, Employment/Onboarding
Michael Davis, Classification and Compensation
Tom Falloretta, Integrations
James Wilkie, Effort Certification
Sheryl McGough, Benefits & Retirement
Annie Yahinian, Payroll, Labor Distribution
Donna Newman, Time & Attendance/Performance Appraisals
Rochelle Prince, Provost’s Office
Jie Shi, Budget
Christine Smith, Processing and Records
Shari Wiley, Student Employment

Financials and Grants Team

Lead –  Amy Cavasos, Finance

Secondary Leads:

Milena Alban, Finance-Budget
Louisa Pontiroli-Kelly, Finance & Projects
James Wilkie, Grants Accounting
Heather Saunders, Grants Accounting
Sara Moskowitz, Fixed Assets
Rosa Naujoks, Payroll
Anthony Montero, Purchasing
Dianna Zaia, Cash Management & Bank Reconciliation
Azita Dotiwala, Projects
Kyle Kenny, Travel
Michael Cooper, Suppliers/AP
Sandra Irish, Taxation

Security/Audit Team

Morley Barnett, Internal Audit
James Cooley, Information Security

Testing Team

Wendy Wong, Testing Lead  
Emily Cimillo, Testing Secondary Lead
Tamalyn Resnick, Training Lead

Workday Application Security Administrator Team

Deb Brooks, Finance
James Cooley, OIT-Separation of Duties
Adam Matheson, Finance
Amy Cavasos, Finance
Lionel Gnanaseelan, Finance
Chui Leung, Controllers
Denise Campbell, Human Resources
Barbara Kenney, OIT
Nary Baran, OIT

Technical Lead

Barbara Kenney, OIT

Integration Architect/Developer Team

John Covell, OIT Lead
Rhian Resnick, Authentication/IDM
Jean Yuan, OIT Lead
Kurtis Strigl, OIT Primary
Charles Tharp, OIT Primary
Abu Kamal, OIT Secondary Support
Nick No, OIT Financial Aid
Keith Willis, OIT Secondary Support
Isaac Hartstein, OIT Contingency
Frank Rodriguez, OIT Contingency
Matthew Ramsey, OIT Secondary Support
Wendy Wong, OIT Secondary Support
Mark Judd, Financial Aid
Thomas Falloretta, Human Resources
Roberta Paul, AFTSS
Adam Matheson, AFTSS

Report Developers

Bonnie Li, OIT Lead
Amy Cavasos, Finance
Tom Falloretta, Human Resources
Norma Hay, IEA
Richard Lee, IEA
Maite Vega, IEA Secondary Support
Pat Espada, OIT Secondary Support
James Wilkie, Primary Research
Heather Saunders, Secondary Research
Milena Alban, Primary Budget

Change Management and Communications Leads

Deb Brooks, Change Lead
Sharon Brown, Foundation
Magdalena Chojna, Undergraduate Studies
Diego Meeroff, Marketing-University Communications
Tamalyn Resnick, OIT General - Overall Training (Self-Service)

Change Agents and Departmental Consultants

Dominique Blanchard, COS
Gerard Clinton, CDSI
Kathleen Dimaggio, A&L
Farley Leiriao, Partner Campus - Broward Campuses & Honors
Gregory Morgan, HBOI/Research
Paula Pistoia, COB
Scott Ridenour, College of Engineering
Debbie Roski, COM-Human Resources
Betty Woelfel, College of Nursing
Diego Meeroff, Marketing - Univ. Comm.


Tamalyn Resnick, General - Overall Training (Self-Service) - Primary Lead
Deb Brooks, HCM Training - Secondary Lead
Annie Yahinian, Payroll Training - Secondary Lead
Christine Smith, Processing and Records
Michael Davis, Classification and Compensation
Sharon Berger, Employment/Onboarding
Sheryl McGough, Benefits
Shari Wiley, Student Employment
Donna Newman, Time & Attendance/Performance Appraisals
Anthony (Tony) Montero, Purchase Orders/Requisitions/Change Orders
Kyle Kenny, Travel (Spend Auths and Expense Reports)
Milena Alban, Budget Transfers/Tidemark Budgeting
Louisa Pontiroli-Kelly, Financial Reporting/Journal Entries
Michael Cooper, Accounts Payable
Kathy Tetreault, A/P Check Requests
Kathy Dolan, Payroll Adjustments (All)
Lynn Asseff, College of Engineering
Helen Randall, College of Science

Business Process

Barbara Kenney, OIT Lead
Nary Baran, OIT
Amy Cavasos, Finance
Adam Matheson, Finance
Denise Campbell, Human Resources/Payroll
Deb Brooks, Human Resources/Payroll

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