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Workday Glossary of Terms

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Will OPS employees be allowed to enter their time remotely?
OPS employees that are paid by the hour (non-exempt) will need to check in/out at their work station or designated computer kiosk at the campus they are employed. OPS employees that are not hourly (exempt) will not be checking in/out.

Will time/leave have to be entered before the pay period is over as it is now?
Time can be entered during each day of the pay period, after the first week, or as late as the last day of the pay period, but must be submitted before the pay period closes. Timekeepers and Supervisors have the ability to send back or correct before submission to Payroll. Leave can be entered at any time before the end of the pay period.

If an employee submits a leave request for a future date and then changes their mind, can the approved request be withdrawn?
Yes, as long as the pay period has not closed.

If employees enter their own leave what will the Timekeepers do?
The Timekeepers will still be responsible for managing the overall process. They can make corrections prior to submission to Payroll. They will be responsible for running a report prior to the last day of the week, to ensure all time and leave has been entered. They will also be notified when someone enters time in and forgets to enter time out, or vice versa.

If you have a high volume of students/OPS employees working in the department how do you make sure they enter their time?
All OPS employees will be responsible for entering their time. Hourly (Non-exempt) OPS will enter their time in/out each day. Exempt OPS/Adjuncts (not hourly) will have their hours defaulted in as it is now. It is also the responsibility of the Supervisor and Timekeeper to make sure their time is entered.

If an employee is sick, can the Supervisor enter their sick leave?
Yes. The Supervisor or Timekeeper will have the ability to enter leave should the employee not be able to do so remotely.

Can professional development hours be tracked in the Workday timekeeping system?
There are currently no plans to make that a part of the timekeeping system in Workday. However, additional options for the system may be assessed in the future.

How will Hourly OPS enter their time if they are remote?
Hourly OPS employees that are out in the field and not near a designated workstation to Check in/Check out, will be required to submit an email weekly to their Supervisor with their hours worked. The Supervisor will approve the hours by sending an email back to the employee and cc the timekeeper. The Timekeeper or Supervisor, will then submit the time on their behalf. 

Pictures/OWL Cards

Are all employees required to have their picture in Workday?

Will employees that are officially designated as “confidential” have their picture in Workday?
Yes; however, Workday can only be accessed by employees of the University.

Will Police Officer pictures be in Workday?

I understand that the pictures in Workday will come from the OWL card. What if I don’t like my OWL card picture?
If you would like to replace an existing OWL card because you don’t like your picture you may do so. There is a fee of $15 for replacement OWL cards.

Where can I get an OWL card?
OWL cards can be obtained at one of the OWL card centers. Click here for more information, Owl Card Center Locations .

What if I never got an OWL Card?
All employees will be required to get an OWL card. There will be no cost for SP, AMP, and Full Time Faculty if they have never obtained an OWL Card. OPS/Adjunct employees will be required to pay $10 to obtain an OWL Card. Students are already required to have an OWL Card.

General Questions

What is the Workday Initiative at Florida Atlantic University?
After several months of investigation, Workday demonstrations, and feedback from the University Community, the decision was made to employ Workday as our next ERP system. The Workday initiative will be implemented on July 1, 2015. Our timeline will allow FAU more than 18 months to plan, design, test and train on the new ERP system.

Who will be impacted?
Anyone who:

  • receives a paycheck
  • uses Banner and Banner reports
  • requests leave
  • approves leave
  • enrolls in benefits
  • requisitions goods or services
  • pays invoices
  • requests reimbursement

Why is Workday not working on my Mac?
For Mac users, Workday only works on Safari.

How and when will we be trained in the new system?
Online and instructor-led Workday training will be available for all FAU employees prior to going live. Schedules and information will be available on this web site.

Will Workday work with any browser? Will I be able to use a Mac?
Yes, you can access Workday from a PC or Mac, and most current browsers will support Workday.

Who is Sierra-Cedar?
Sierra-Cedar is our Workday implementation partner that will provide strategic planning and change management, business process mapping and improvement, and systems implementation and integration.Sierra-Cedar’s Workday Certified consultants average over 13 years of  higher education experience .

How can I keep my Workday emails from going to SPAM?
To stop your Workday emails from going to SPAM,  click here  to find out how.

Do I need to contact HR to change my personal information?

No - Employees can update their personal information as needed in Workday.

Is there a maximum number of worklets you can place on your landing page?

No - There are required Worklets based upon your job function and you also have the ability to add Optional Worklets.

Will my Workday Session time out?

Yes - After 45 minutes your Workday session will time out.

What if I put the wrong password in?

After 5 failed attempts, you will be locked out. After 15 minutes it will reset itself.

How can I update my education information?

Contact the person in your department who has an HR related role.




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