Program Components

Upward Bound works in conjunction with Florida Atlantic University and local high schools to offer a variety of program activities. Students are able to capitalize on a multitude of services such as:
  • Weekly after-school tutorials
  • College tours, field trips and social/cultural events
  • Six-week summer enrichment including a one-week residential component
  • Peer mentoring 


The Pre-College Programs Model




The Upward Bound Program provides:

  • A supportive learning environment that provides academic advising, instruction and tutoring;
  • Dedicated faculty and staff experienced and trained in all aspects of the program;
  • A challenging curriculum in a small setting designed to evaluate and strengthen student comprehension, study, and problem-solving skills;
  • An intensive six-week summer program with academic, cultural, and social activities;
  • Stipends (allowances) provided during the academic year and the summer program;
  • Cultural enrichment trips--both local and statewide;
  • Community service projects to increase citizenship skills and civic engagement; and
  • Assistance in the college admissions process including campus tours and financial aid and scholarship research.
 Last Modified 11/8/16