Upward Bound Parent Advisory Committee


Upward Bound Program recognizes that parents play an important role in their children succeeding in school. Therefore, we invite you to participate in the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) sponsored by our program.  The Parent Advisory Committee will meet with the Upward Bound Director on a monthly basis or as needed. This committee will be essential in sharing ideas and concerns from parents. It is our goal to increase the buy-in from the students’ family.  You will be asked to give continual feedback and suggestions on ways to recruit, retain and motivate students in order to improve the program. The benefits of PAC are endless.  But for the most part, you will be informed of your child’s progress throughout their participation in the Upward Bound program.  In addition, you may be given opportunity to partake in the educational and cultural activities as well.

How can the Parent Advisory Committee help Upward Bound?

PAC members will help the Upward Bound Program by:



Monitoring tutorials

Providing refreshments for meetings

Serving on committees

Providing nutritional snacks for afterschool instruction

Providing suggestions for fundraisers and community service


 Last Modified 11/8/16