UMI Apprentice 

The UMI Apprentice program is focused primarily on urban male students between 0-60 credit hours. Students apart of this program will be required to complete program requirements as listed below:

  • Maintain a GPA of a 2.5 or above 

  • Start and maintain the co-curricular transcript

  • Attend weekly RAP sessions

  • Attend signature semester programs- Mandatory

    • UMI Statewide conference (Fall)

    • UMI Retreat (Spring)

  • Participate in the Mid-semester Grade Check-in 

  • Complete 15 study hours at UMI Study Hall Monthly

  • Attend meetings with assigned Mentor 

  • Complete learning experience-

    • LDR Course,

    • Alternative Spring Break,

    • Academic Service Learning,

    • Leadership Institutes (UMI Leadership Institute)

 Last Modified 4/13/17