Each participant apart of the program will have an assigned mentor at either the faculty, staff, or corporate level.

UMI Apprentice

Students apart of the UMI Apprentice program will be paired with a faculty or staff mentors and will be required to meet with their mentor on a bi-weekly basis as determined by the mentor.  

UMI Scholars

Students part of the UMI Scholars program, pending their area of interest, will be paired with a corporate mentor who will meet with the students on a monthly basis however, remain open and available to the student to answer any questions that they may have relating to their professional and executive experience.

UMI Graduates

For students a part of the UMI Graduates program, they have the option to either select a corporate mentor or choose a faculty or staff mentor that they would like to help guide them through their final year and help them accomplish their final academic and professional goals before and after graduation.

 Last Modified 4/13/17