Nathaniel Delevoe

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College: College for Design and Social Inquiry

Major: Public Management

Class: Senior

Hometown: Dania Beach, Florida

Clubs and Organizations: Urban Male Initiative, Spoken Word Poetry Club and Beach Rhymes and Vibes

Hobbies and Interest: Poetry and YouTube poetry


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What would you like to accomplish in the next five years: I would like to be in my own house and have my own non-profit organization started in Broward county.

Words to live by: “To God be the glory”

Something you wish you knew about FAU during your first year: I wish I knew how to start a club; I wrestled in High School and wanted to start a wrestling group.

Advice for fellow students: Apply for scholarships, they’re easier to get than you think!


Nathaniel Delevoe is a graduating senior in the College for Design and Social Inquiry. He is majoring in Public Management with a minor in nonprofit management. Delevoe chose FAU because it was the most affordable and smartest option for him. “I originally wanted to become an engineer so financially FAU made the most sense for me.”

Delevoe has several things he’d like to accomplish in his lifetime. He would first like to go back to his high school and start a scholarship for graduating students. He’d also like to start several non-profit organizations. The first being a group home, targeting the ages 13-21, and helping them in ways that they cannot help themselves. The other organization would help students attend college, by helping them establish a plan and then providing students with resources to obtain their college education.

“I want to help eliminate the excuses as to why people don’t go to college. I want to eliminate the excuses until the only reason kids don’t go to college is because they decide it’s not for them.” He described The Urban Male Initiative as a very important because not only has he made friends with peers but in professional staff as well. “My experience in UMI has provided me with opportunities and knowledge I would not have received otherwise.”

Delevoe says that the Urban Male Initiative staff has mentored and advised him by just answering questions and having casual conversation. He hopes to continue to do the same for his peers or other young men along their collegiate journey.

 Last Modified 11/9/16