Deven Williams

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College: Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Major: Communications

Class: Junior

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Clubs and Organizations: Urban Male Initiative, Progressive Black Men Inc., and was crowned Mr. National Council of Negro Women (NCNW)

Hobbies and Interest: Listening and recording music, writing poetry, public speaking and event planning


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What would you like to accomplish in the next five years: I want to get into the entertainment and music industry, developing and seeking talent. I’m also really big on community and unity! I want to back into my community and bring people together by developing leadership programs and overall bring people together.

Words to live by: “Have fun while you’re working hard; enjoy what you’re doing so it doesn’t feel like work.”

Something you wish you knew about FAU during your first year: Use your resources, get involved and build you connections.

Advice for fellow students: Utilize the different departments and resources on campus because you pay for them with your student fees.


Deven Williams is a junior majoring in Communications and minoring in Leadership Studies. He chose Florida Atlantic University because he wanted to attend a school that wasn’t to far from his family in Miami.“When I looked into FAU I noticed how beautiful the campus was and that everything was within walking distance; this campus also has ample space to sit and just relax!” Williams dreams of becoming a prominent figure in the music and entertainment industry. Ideally he would like to be an Artist and Repertoire Representative (A&R Rep) at one of the big record labels such as Interscope or Universal.“I believe that through music is where we see no boundaries, it helps people come together for one common thing that we all enjoy.”

He described the Urban Male Initiative (UMI) as a family atmosphere that strives to raise graduation rates among urban males by being challenged to think beyond their own expectations. “UMI is truly a blessing, and in the words of DJ Khaled, “It’s a major key.” Williams is using his role here on campus to mentor young Urban men who have come to FAU after him. He hopes to unite all male campus organizations, with The Urban Male Initiative being the catalyst. He believes that unity is important when it comes to making a lasting change and UMI is here to start that!

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