Brian Sapp

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College: College of Business

Major: Management Entrepreneurship

Class: Senior

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Clubs and Organizations: Access and Urban Male Initiative  

Hobbies and Interest: Music, instruments and The Avengers


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What would you like to accomplish in the next five years: I would like to have my own business and go over one million in profits.

Words to live by: “Don’t worry be happy”

Something you wish you knew about FAU during your first year: That your professors probably had the career you’re interested in before they became professors. So getting to know them and talking to them about your future career path; they probably have advice on how to get started.

Advice for fellow students: If you have something that you want to do, specifically a business or a club, don’t wait until you get out of school to start it; start it now!


Brian Sapp is a graduating senior from the College of Business where he is majoring in Management Entrepreneurship. Sapp choose FAU because he was seeking something new, being that his mother and older brother both attended The University of Florida. “I was walking to the kitchen one-day and saw an FAU ad on TV. It only took 20 seconds to convince me that FAU was what I was looking for.”

Sapp’s main goal in life is to touch the lives of a large volume of people through the art of entrepreneurship. He heard one entrepreneur say, “we’re overwhelmed with opportunities” because of that Sapp has been inspired to pursue clothing and fashion. He described the Urban Male Initiative as bringing the wise to the strong in a way that makes the strong wiser, and the wise stronger. The strong gain wisdom in living this life, and the wise gain strength when they reinforce their own legacy because the strong will be in the leadership positions soon.“Every student has a teacher, every great athlete has a great coach and every Avenger has a Fury.”

Sapp is sharing his wisdom that he’s gained from the Urban Male Initiative with others. He also tries to be a good example in how he interacts with other people, organizations, and groups on campus.

 Last Modified 11/9/16