What to Expect

What is the format of the questions on ALEKS? ALEKS is not a multiple-choice Placement Assessment. It is open-response and requires you to work out solutions with a paper and pencil, then enter them into ALEKS. Be sure to have scratch paper with you.

May I use a calculator while using ALEKS? ALEKS will provide an on-screen calculator if you need one to complete a particular problem. Otherwise, you may not use a calculator.

May I use any other resources during a Placement Assessment? You may only use a pen or pencil, paper, and the resources provided within ALEKS. You should not receive assistance from friends, family, other websites, textbooks, or any other resource not provided by ALEKS. Using outside resources will lead to improper placement and potentially course failure. It is also a serious violation of FAU’s Code of Academic Integrity .

Can I review a question after I've answered it? Because ALEKS is adaptive, once you submit an answer, you cannot change it. Be sure to carefully check your answer before submitting your response.

What if I see questions I don’t know? It is likely that you will be asked questions on material you have not yet learned. On such questions it is appropriate to answer, I don't know. On any question that you have familiarity with, however, it is important to do your best. I don't know is interpreted by ALEKS to mean that you do not know how to solve the topic, and this will be reflected in the Placement Assessment results. There is no penalty for incorrectly answering a question on the Placement Assessment, it only helps ALEKS understand what you know and don’t know.

Are Placement Assessments timed? Yes. You will have 3 hours to complete the proctored Placement Assessment.

What do I do if my web browser gets stuck or my computer crashes while I'm taking the Placement Assessment using Honorlock? Simply close the browser, or log out and click on "LOGIN/PAYMENT” in the menu at the top of the page (just remember that the timer will be running while your computer is off). You will be prompted to reautheticate your student ID and conduct a room scan but will not be prompted for an additional payment for the same placement attempt. ALEKS will resume the Placement Assessment exactly where you left off, with no loss of your previous answers as long as you are still within the same 3 hour window. If your ALEKS session has expired (past 3 hours), that assessment will be scored and results will be sent to FAU

I am ready to start my ALEKS PPL Assessment. How do I begin? Click on "LOGIN/PAYMENT” in the menu at the top of the page.

 Last Modified 3/15/17