To begin taking the ALEKS PPL Assessment, log in to the site below with your FAU Net ID and password. You will be prompted to pay $15.00 and you should continue and complete the tools tutorial after your payment. ALLOW yourself 15-20 minutes to complete the 1ST STEP in one, uninterrupted sitting. Once you have completed the 1St STEP, please proceed to the 2nd STEP to schedule and take your assessment. If you are prompted for the password you are ready to move to the 2nd STEP. You must leave the ALEKS website and return to this page to schedule and take your assessment.  If you are testing with approved accommodations, do not complete this step. Email FAUTesting@fau.edu    For detailed instructions on the payment process view the  Payment Instructions .

ALEKS Pic                                                                                                                   

2nd STEP: Schedule your ALEKS PPL Assessment 

  Option A: Take the ALEKS PPL Assessment at the FAU Testing Center (No Charge). Times are available for both the Boca and Davie Testing Center.  For scheduling and testing in Jupiter please email jupitertesting@fau.edu . Bring the 20 digit access code emailed to you from McGraw Hill when you come for your appointment

Option B:  Take your ALEKS PPL Assessment at home using Honorlock. There is a $12.75 charge for each ALEKS PPL Assessment. When using Honorlock, you must have a webcam and make sure you carefully review the remote proctoring guidelines in advance. Failure to follow Honorlock guidelines may cause your score to be voided.    Honorlock.com/aleks/guidelines .              

              ALEKS Pic                  or pic ALEKS Pic                                                                                                                                                                                   


Option C : Take the assessment at another center other than FAU. You will need to send an email to fautesting@fau.edu for instructions on this process.  Note:There may be additional charges for using a non FAU testing center


3rd STEP:  Take the Learning Module:


NOTE: You must wait 48 Hours between retesting attempts

You must take the ALEKS PPL ASSESSMENT at least once before you can access the Learning Module. You can get to the modules by simply logging back in to ALEKS PPL ASSESSMENT site.










 Last Modified 5/17/18