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Resources for Online Consultations

Online appointments give you the flexibility of working with consultants at any of our writing centers from your home or office. These appointments are conducted using voice and video connections via Skype. If you do not have Skype installed on your computer, please click here to download it now. Documents are shared with consultants using Google Docs, which allows for real-time collaboration. All FAU students have access to Google Docs through Google Drive, which is accessible through the Blackboard and MyFAU home pages. 

To schedule an online appointment: 

1) Access the online Writing Center Schedule. Read the policies and accept to continue. Use your FAU NetID and Z number to log in.

2) Click the "Search Availabilities" link. Select the Boca, Jupiter, or Davie Writing Center from the "Center" drop down menu. Select the class you need assistance with from the "Section" drop down menu. You may leave the field for "Consultant" and "Location" blank. You may adjust the date range from the default setting of two weeks by clicking the calendar icon in the "From" and "To" fields. Please note: clicking on the green days of the week will actually deselect that option from the search results. 

3) Online consultations may take extra time to work with the technology  the first time an online session is booked. The UCEW allows students to make two consecutive session to provide this extra time for the first online session. Subsequent sessions should only be booked for the standard 25 minute session unless otherwise entitled to extra time. If you need this extra time, look through the search results for a consultant with two adjacent half-hour sessions. (Note: Although the schedule shows appointments as thirty-minute blocks, the session will be ended five minutes prior to the hour or half-hour to allow for consultant paperwork and client surveys.) Click the session you want to book. 

4) After clicking the time, an appointment window will pop up.

  • Select "Online Consultation" from the "Reason" drop-down menu.
  • Provide your Skype Username in the "Notes" field.
  • Provide your name and phone number.

5) Click "Save" and you will receive an email confirmation. Repeat the process for the second half-hour block when booking consecutive sessions.

6) At the time of the session, open Skype. You will receive a contact request from "UCEWatFAU." Accept this request. You will then receive a call from that username. Answer this call and the session will commence from there.

7) Make sure to have a digital copy of your paper and assignments ready to upload to your OWL Apps Google Docs. Further instructions will be provided by the consultant at the time of the upload.

8) Remember that online appointments can be made in any UCEW location (Boca, Davie, or Jupiter). If one location is booked for your preferred time, try another location.

9) Need Help Connecting to an Online Appointment? Check the links below:

Official Skype Support Guide


Tips for Online Appointments

  • Log in early to make sure the technology works correctly. (If you are having problems, please call your writing center location for help.)
  • Update your computer with the latest version of Skype.
  • If you do not have integrated webcam and microphone, have your digital microphone and optional webcam plugged in to your computer before opening Skype.
  • Expect to spend part of your first online session becoming familiar with the technology.

We hope that our online appointment services give you greater access to our writing services. We look forward to assisting you with all your writing needs! If you are having or anticipate having technical difficulties with your online session, be sure to call the writing center at which you have your online appointment. The phone numbers are listed here.

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