Ha'ani Sumerix

Activists Worry About Destruction Of Environment If Massive Theme Park Built In South Miami-Dade

Activist express concern over the impacts to Miami Dade county from proposed developments by Ram Realty and Miami Wilds LLC to expand on an environmentally sensitive and globally imperiled habitat, the Richmond Pine Rocklands. The Division of Environmental Resource Management has proposed amendments in their review on the Miami Wilds LLC development plan. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are also reviewing the development plans of Ram Realty and Miami Wilds LLC for environmental impacts.


FAU student petitions to name preserve after late faculty member       

Sumerix, Ha'ani. "FAU Student Petitions to Name Preserve after Late Faculty Member." University Press. University Press, 23 May 2015. Web.  

Alana Edwards, former Florida Atlantic University student, petitions FAU to name the 90- acre ecological preserve on campus after the late professor and ethno-botanist, Dan Austin. Austin helped establish and fought to conserve the preserve on campus. He also used the preserve to teach and inspire his students.

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