Guinda Saint-Fleur

Institutions Over Stepping Boundaries: School Meals Of Pupils

Saint-Fleur, Guinda. "Institutions Over Stepping Boundaries: School Meals Of Pupils." FAU Undergraduate Law Journal 2 (2015): n. pag. Web. <>.

The recent initiation of the Hunger-Free Kids Act which was passionately led by First Lady Michelle Obama has brought what many Americans view as individual states’ issues, to a political battle at the local, state, and federal levels. Not only are what meals are healthier for students to consume are under question, but most importantly the implementation of the fluctuating BMI standards that have led to increasing conflicts between states, public schools, and parents’ rights to determine which meals their children must eat.The issue is whether the redevelopment of school meal policy of every public institution around the nation is encroaching on the rights of American parents regarding their children, and are American parents more at risk of government intrusion. In order to determine this we must ask the following questions:

  • Should parents have the right to determine whether their child is evaluated by the current BMI standards?
  • Whether the New Federal Meal Regulation actually meets its goal in combating obesity epidemic?
  • Whether meals prepared at school are more nutritious than meals prepared at home in curbing obesity?


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