Zachary S. Pastor         

Media Played Right into Hamas Hands   

Pastor, Zachary.  "Media Played Right Into Hamas' Hands." Truth Revolt. A Project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, 24 May 2015. Web. 

This piece is a commentary criticizing CNN of taking sides in a war between Israel and the terror organization Hamas. Erin Burnett did not respect Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer on live television and did not let him speak. The purpose of this article was to point that out and give facts about the situation that was on television but were not talked about.


Implications of Supreme Courts Ruling on Jerusalem    

Pastor, Zachary S. "Implications of Supreme Court Ruling for ​Israel’s Sovereignty over Jerusalem." The Times of Israel. N.p., 15 June 2015. Web. 

This article analyzes the Supreme Court Of The United States ruling on Zitovsky v. Kerry and looks at its implications on the U.S-Israel relationship. Also the issue of presidential authority vs. Congressional authority is discussed. This article is from the Pro-Israel and Pro-America perspective.

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