Kristin Brittain

Innovative Collaborative Practice and Reflection in Patient Education    


Brittain, K., Swann, E.G., Bryan, V.C. (2015).  Self-Directed Learning and Adult Education Overcomes the Medical Fog. In J. Bird (Eds.), Innovative Collaborative Practice and Reflection in Patient Education. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.      


Patients are increasingly being asked to take more responsibility for self-care in a complex healthcare system; this can be a challenge for even the most educated individual. Learning is central to health, health decisions, and self-care. Adult educators' insights regarding lifelong, self-directed learning are critical in helping adults learn about their disease and make informed decisions. This chapter presents documentation of self-directed learning in health education through a series of case studies with reflections. The authors draw attention to self-directed learning in the context of one's own personal health management and propose self-directed learning as a solution to the numerous barriers to personal health education. Ideas for increasing a self-directed approach when seeking health information are offered based on the case studies reviewed. Ideas regarding future research needs are included.

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