2014-2015 student recipient of The Provost's Certificate of Recognition for Publishing  


Laurie Abbott    

Evaluation of Nursing Interventions Designed to Impact Knowledge, Behaviors, and Health Outcomes for Rural African-Americans: An Integrative Review     

Abbott, L. S. (2015), Evaluation of nursing interventions designed to impact knowledge, behaviors, and health outcomes for rural African-Americans: An integrative review. Public Health Nursing 32(5), 408–420. doi: 10.1111/phn.12174     

The purpose of this review is to evaluate published nursing research reports of effective health promotion strategies for preventing cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke among rural African Americans.  A review of the nursing literature was conducted to select intervention studies published within the past decade (2004-2014).  An integrative review method was adapted to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize the nursing research articles that met the inclusion criteria.   Data evaluation encompassed displaying the data in a literature matrix for the appraisal of research components employed in the studies.  The major intervention strategies reported in the health promotion studies were reduced, displayed in tables, and synthesized.   The resultant comparison of the studies can potentially guide nurse researchers in designing health promotion interventions targeting rural African Americans.  Public health nurses are uniquely qualified to assist in the national goals of eliminating health disparities for population groups at risk for poor health outcomes by the development and implementation of evidence-based health promotion interventions.  Assisting healthy individuals within community settings reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease and cancer can potentially decrease mortality rates associated with these diseases and improve health equity for disadvantaged populations.


Influences of Social Determinants of Health on African Americans Living With HIV in the Rural Southeast: A Qualitative Meta-synthesis  


Abbott, L. S., & Williams, C. L.  (2015).  Influences of social determinants of health on African Americans living with HIV in the rural southeast.  A qualitative meta-synthesis.  Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 26(4), 340-346.                

Social determinants of health influence health outcomes and contribute to health disparities in diverse populations. A meta-synthesis was conducted to provide emic perspectives of the experiences of African Americans living with HIV in the rural southeastern United States. Analysis of qualitative literature revealed patterns among social determinants of health as upstream factors contributing to health care barriers, poor health outcomes, decreased quality of life, and health disparities. The purpose of our meta-synthesis was the illumination and synthesis of themes describing characteristics of social determinants of health in selected qualitative articles. The nine themes that emerged included living in poverty, enduring unemployment, missing work, lacking transportation, sustaining stress, feeling socially excluded, needing social support, battling substance use, and lacking adequate health care.

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