2013 Winners

Flash Fiction Contest


Graduate Winner: Brittany Ackerman, "It is Understood" 

 It’s a good six-minute drive from my place to theirs. I walk up the stairs and look for their door.  I remember it being navy blue, but it could have been another color.  They answer the door and they are pale skinned; haven’t seen sun in weeks.  They greet me like happy puppies and lick my face.  They hug me tight like it’s been years, but its only been a few days.  The couch sinks in when I sit.  I'm in the middle and she’s on my left smoking a cigarette like a damn movie star.  Smoke billows from her plump, pink lips.  He’s in the kitchen getting me a beer.  They don’t have water, only Kettle One and Bud Light. ...


Graduate Runner-Up: Megan Hesse, "Half Asleep

We are sprawled, tangled up in sheets that dangle half off the bed, edges lying limp against the worn carpet when it comes. The first slow rumble that builds and grows into a cracking, breaking growl. It sounds far off, like a train rambling through the night, accompanied by the soft tapping of a nighttime shower. Your arm is thrown haphazardly across my stomach and I lay still and wonder if it was something you meant to do or just the product of a restless sleep. The quiet roar grows closer, begins to stretch out in length. A flash of brightness touches every object in our cramped corner room, followed by a crash that shakes the walls and makes the laundry quarters on the dresser vibrate and hum. I hear the faint whine of a car alarm somewhere and wonder how you can stay asleep through it all, why you don’t bolt upright or cry out. You just snore on gently, leaving me alone to weather the storm. ...
Undergraduate Winner: Kira Wolak, "Head Underwater" 

The sky was bright blue and dotted with white puffy clouds. If mum were here, we would have been making shapes out of them, such as fierce Chinese dragons or majestic flying horses. But Xander gave no notice to the clouds, or the newly bloomed spring flowers, or the happy families surrounding us. He merely just kept glancing at his watch and running his hands nervously through his hair. Xander was a good older brother. He tried to be there for me, he really did, but he could never replace mum.
No one could. ...

Undergraduate Runner-Up: Francis L. Guinta, "Mickey's Eviction Notice" 

New York City’s champion of modernity and progress has been bested in his most recent beautification campaign. Bloomberg’s success in efforts to tax and hide cigarettes, to down-size high fructose corn syrup and give VIP access to cyclists throughout the boroughs, boosted an unreasonable amount of confidence and arrogance within City Hall. The Mayor’s gauntlet being thrown further and further, his sights fell on the rodent infestation of the city’s subways and parks. ...

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