2010 Winners

Thank you to all who participated in the National Day on Writing 2010 Writing Contests. Winners are listed below along with excerpts from their pieces.

Flash Fiction Contest Winners

1. "And the Record Plays a Song Unending" by Megan Joyce Hesse

“What’s your most favorite song ever?” the boy asks you, disrupting the musical silence to spit the question around the unlit cigarette dangling from his lips. You and the boy lie face up on the old carpet that was once a shade of sea foam blue-green so bright you’d get color spots in your eyes if you looked at it too hard, but now is just the color of a dirty ocean at dusk, patched with stains from parties long past. . . .

2. "Rain Noir" by Laura Gomez Campuzano

. . .The pitter-patter of rain mimics the sounds of an ambulance in the distance. How would Van Gogh feel if he looked through the glass and saw the fluid strokes of rain reveal the essence of the world to him? How would he feel about the blues and shaded hues of flashing lights, and the greens and whites of the ambulance? Would he cut his other ear off or would he pull a brush from his pocket and tap at the glass like needlework to add something of his own? . . . . Perhaps he would add more traffic, or maybe a cypress tree or two somewhere in a backdrop off the road; perhaps he would use a more dramatic palette to dab the wreck into the picture the wipers keep trying to shake off or perhaps not. Perhaps he would dedicate a few brush strokes to a speck of white over the blurry outline of a stretcher; perhaps not. . .

3. "The Fall" by Valerie Mamarill Andrada

You think to yourself, this is something I thought I would never do. But there you are, the toes of your shoes dangling off the edge of the soggy wooden bridge. You feel the cold air go through your lungs. . .. You hear the rush of the water below the bridge. . . . You begin to have a salty taste in your mouth like blood, but it can’t be.  It is cold outside you can see it by the snow on the adjacent mountains, but you can’t feel it. You are numb, but not from the cold. . .


Persuasive Letter to FAU President Contest Winners


1st: Christopher McClain

In this economy, many veterans who want to use the GI Bill move back in with their parents after being discharged in order to save money while going to school. . . . What I am asking of you, Dr. Saunders, is to consider making the Yellow Ribbon Program available, or implement a residency exception for veterans in this position to help ease the burden of non-resident charges. . . . It would be an extraordinary goodwill gesture toward former service members attending FAU. 

2nd: Dr. Joyce Salomon

I am concerned about students who want to, or have returned to college after a long absence. . . . How many of them have been too intimated by the technology or the isolating age difference to actually pursue their needs?   Dr. Saunders, I propose that the university supply names of volunteer mentors for students who are returning to academia after a long absence. . . . New, mature students would be able to reach out to them as a source of information as well as a familiar face in a sea of strangers. . . . Also, it would be gratifying to be a mentor and share my experience and knowledge that I have gained with other students. 

3rd:  Professor  Tsung-Chow Su  

Our educational needs are greater than ever, but funding for education has diminished. We need to do more with less.  One potential solution is to use technology in the form of e-learning.  E-learning is critical to the future of our university, yet prior to your arrival has not received the attention it deserves. I hope to spark interest in e-learning at the graduate level, focusing in the beginning at the master’s and professional level.

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