CONCENTRATION - Not Just a Mind Game  

Create a study environment

  • Find a place to study and keep it for study only.

  • Make sure the environment has all the study tools you will need.

  • Minimize the noise level and the visual distractions.

  • Avoid relaxing while working.

Try some of these techniques to improve your concentration while studying
  • Keep a paper handy to jot down thoughts that cross your mind while studying, get them out of your mind and on to paper.

  • Set study goals before you begin each period of study (i.e., number of pages, number of problems, etc.)

  • Give yourself rewards after specified goals are reached.

  • Break up the content of study by mixing up subjects and building in some variety.

  • Make the most of break periods - do something very different.

  • Don't try to mix work and play.

  • Start with short study periods and slowly build to longer periods.

  • Plan the length of your study period by the amount of material you have decided to cover not by the clock. (A clock can be a serious distraction.)


You will be able to concentrate best if you:

  • Study during the day and early evening.
  • Study when there are the fewest competing activities in progress.
  • Take short breaks and STOP studying when fatigue or lack of attention occurs.


 Last Modified 1/28/15