So, your son or daughter is currently attending or will be going off to college. Through orientation, and advising (OARS) there is lots of information to help them prepare.  Do you ever feel you need  a course  to help you, as a parent, prepare for what is ahead or handle what is occurring now?  You are not alone.  For many parents, having a child in college is an exciting yet anxiety filled time. The Notes for Parents is designed to help ease parents’ anxiety by providing information and resources to learn about what is ahead and deal with what is in the moment.  Consider this your College Parenting 101 course!  Click on the links below to view your class notes.  


Snapshot of Today's First Year College Student

The Freshman Year at a Glance

10 Questions Parents Should Ask Their First Semester Student

Parenting a College Freshman

Keys to Students Success

College Lingo

Campus Resources

Recommended Readings

Web sites of Interest


Parents as Partners: Tips on What You Can Do to Support Your First Year Student 
(PowerPoint presented at Freshman Orientation) 

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