The Freshmen Online Advising & Resource System (OARS) is now CLOSED for incoming students with 0-30 credits for Spring 2016. If you are starting in Spring 2016 as a Freshman or a Freshman Transfer student and need academic advising, you will need to meet with an academic advisor in person. Please visit the following for walk-in advising times. 

Everything you need to navigate the online advising process is located below. While you might be tempted to jump right in and begin selecting your courses, you are strongly encouraged to read and follow all instructions before you begin any part of the advising process.
"OARS" is a self-directed system. You may be a little nervous about choosing classes on your own, but DON'T WORRY! Help is always just a phone call or mouse click away, and the instructions are very user-friendly. When you log in to select your courses, you will find:
  • A brief description of the course when you click on the subject.
  • A sample class schedule for your major.

It takes three (3) to five (5) business days to process your submitted OARS form. After three to five business days, log back into OARS to review your advisor's comments. If your holds are cleared and your course selections are in sync with your advisors, you can log into MyFAU to register for classes. That's all there is to it!

  • If you have questions along the way, there are tutorials in PDF and Video formats available to you, or you can contact us at advisingservices@fau.edu or by telephone at (561) 297-3064.

REMEMBER: Participation in the OARS process DOES NOT exempt you from attending the university's MANDATORY Orientation program.

Once you complete Step 1 and receive course approval (though OARS) you can go to Step 2 which is Course Registration via MyFAU.



  • ADVISING COMPACT  • University Advising Services Compact: Advisors and Advisees Role and Responsibilities
  • THE ONLINE ADVISING PROCESS  • Gives you a Step-by-Step outline of the process i.e., takes you from Advising to Course Registration
  • STUDENT CHECKLIST  • Everything you need to do before you start classes
  • HOW DO I? • How to find additional information you may need i.e., Housing, Orientation, Financial Aid etc...
  • FAQSFrequently Asked Questions about Online Advising 
  • MUSIC MAJORS • Advising and Registration information for MUSIC majors




Video Tutorials and Instructions are available in Adobe Flash Player*,  PDF, and are iphone, ipad, and Android accessible.  Tutorials and instructions are available in alternate formats upon request. 






OARS is NOT registration. OARS is Academic ADVISING and Course Selection.
Nope. You can and should complete OARS before you attend Orientation.
Taking ALEKS before you complete OARS is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended. If you take ALEKS after you complete OARS, contact the academic advisor who approved your OARS form with your ALEKS score so they can advise you accordingly.
If you would like to change your major and you have NOT yet registered for courses, you will be able to change your major in OARS. Just select the major you would like to pursue from the dropdown menu. Your advisor will let you know if the major you selected is not an option for some reason. If you would like to change your major and you have ALREADY registered for courses, you will need to meet with an advisor to complete a Change of Major form.
If you are an incoming freshman, you must first complete OARS, your online advising (click here). Once your OARS form is approved, your freshman advising hold (the UN hold) will be removed and you will be eligible to register (once all your other holds are removed as well). You will register for classes by logging into MyFAU. A Registration Video Tutorial is available on the University Advising Services homepage. http://www.fau.edu/uas/registration.php
Contact your the academic advisor who approved your OARS form. They will help you make the necessary changes.
If you have reservations about choosing your classes, simply follow the sample schedule provided in OARS, choosing courses from the recommended categories. When you submit your proposed classes an academic advisor will review your course selections, approve them and/or make recommendations for changes or alternate classes.
You will need to email University Advising Services so we can reset your OARS form: advisingservices@fau.edu 
You will be assigned an academic advisor when your OARS is submitted. His/Her name, email, and picture will appear on your OARS from once you log back in.

Have you viewed/downloaded the OARS Instructions yet? If not, don't forget to do so before you log into OARS!