How to calculate your GPA

Now that you are paying particular attention to your GPA you need to know how to calculate what you may be expecting next semester. Your GPA (grade point average) is calculated by dividing the sum of all grade points earned at FAU by the total number of credits attempted. Courses in which grades of “P”, “W” or “WM” have been received are not used in calculating GPA.  

To calculate your cumulative (this is a bit more tricky), you can use the GPA Calculator located on our webpage. Follow the instructions on the page. You can also use the GPA calculator to determine exactly what grades you will need to achieve to get the GPA you are working towards. 

 Grades A through F are given the following point values:

Grade             Grade point per credit hour 
  A                                 4.00 

  A-                                3.67 
  B+                               3.33 
  B                                 3.00 
  B-                                2.67 
  C+                               2.33 
  C                                 2.00 
  C-                                1.67 
  D+                               1.33 
  D                                 1.00 
  D-                                0.67  
F                                  0.00

 Last Modified 1/28/15