Get Wise on the Quad is a residential after-hours student support service center. The center will serve as a ‘one-stop shop’ for academic and career assistance. The center will be open (FALL 2018) Monday through Thursday from 1pm-10pm and Sundays from 6-9pm. During academic support service hours (4pm-9pm), the center will be staffed by highly trained academic advisors and coaches, career coaches, residential student scholars (RSS), math learning assistants, subject area tutors and writing consultants (please see daily offerings below for specific times). All residents living in HPT, IRT, GPT, Algonquin and Parliament ( and a maximum of 2 guests per resident ) may take advantage of the large array of services available right in their own residence hall!
Get Wise: bringing success to you!

Want more information about Get Wise? Contact or 561-297-4743  

Are you... Struggling in your classes? Afraid you're not going to graduate on-time? Not sure what to take next semester? Having trouble adapting to College? In need of some academic guidance? Come in and talk to an Advisor!!

Need some general information about Tutoring? Click here. Remember you can also check for specific tutoring availability under each day of the week below. 

Are you... Having trouble staring your paper? Unable to construct a solid thesis statement? Writing an important/professional email? Looking for someone to help you be a better writer? Come in and talk to a Writing Consultant!!  

Check out below which courses are available for tutoring, meet the Get Wise team, and when workshops are offered! 



Angel Nevin - Assistant Director & Advisor in Residence, University Advising Services

Der'Resha Bastien- Graduate Assistant, Get Wise and Educate Tomorrow

ACADEMIC ADVISING & COACHING:  Monday - Thursday - 4PM - 7PM (Appointments are highly encouraged) - 
click here for specific information

Monday-Thursday, 4-5pm –  Angel Nevin, Academic Advisor/Coach

Monday, 5-7pm –  Justin Balser, Academic Advisor/Coach

Tuesday, 5-7pm – Heather Smith, Academic Advisor/Coach

Wednesday, 5-7pm – Morgyn Robinson, Academic Advisor/Coach

Thursday, 5-7pm – Dalel Bader, Academic Advisor/Coach

5CAREER COACHING:  Monday - Thursday - 6PM - 9PM  (Until Nov. 11)

RESIDENTIAL STUDENT SCHOLARS: Monday-Thursday 1-10pm and Sunday 6-9pm

MATH TUTORING:  Monday - Thursday - 4PM - 9PM (No appointment necessary!) -  click here for specific information

WRITING ASSISTANCE:  Monday - Thursday - 4PM - 9PM (Appointments are encouraged but not necessary!) -  click here for specific information

SCIENCE/GENERAL TUTORING:  Monday - Thursday - 4PM - 9PM (No appointment necessary!)



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  1. FAU's NEW Mentoring Project!

    Let’s face it; college can be scary especially during the first year whether it’s as a first-year or transfer student. We all desire to succeed, but sometimes we need help or have questions along the way and a mentor can be the answer. FAU’s brand new mentoring initiative is here to assist students by offering them the support that they need. The Mentoring Project (a collaboration between Student Affairs & Enrollment Management and Academic Affairs), specifically, the “Connections” mentoring initiative is designed to connect first-year and transfer students with a mentor who is a member of the FAU community. Departmentally based mentoring opportunities offered across the FAU campus will also be highlighted by The Mentoring Project.


ACADEMIC ADVISING & COACHING:  Monday - Thursday - 4PM - 7PM (Appointments are highly encouraged)

The Get Wise success center will be fully staffed with well-trained academic advisors and coaches. A few examples of what one might do in an advising session are: plan for the coming semester, find resources on campus to assist in meeting your goals, discussing good time management skills, study skills and test-taking strategies, answering academic policy and procedure questions (for instance, ‘how do I use grade forgiveness’ or ‘how many hours do I have before I reach excess hours’, etc.). We can even assist you in calculating your current grade in a class by teaching you how to use your syllabus as a guide. The possibilities in advising and coaching are endless! Come in a meet with an advisor today!

CAREER COUNSELING & INTERNSHIPS: Tuesday and Wednesday - 6PM - 9PM (No appointment necessary!)  

The Get Wise success center will be fully staffed with professionally trained and nationally certified career counselors from the Career Development Center. A few examples of what one might do in a career counseling session are: get assistance with completing and reviewing Major KnOWLedge, choosing a major, finding an internship/co-op, creating or enhancing your resume, completing and reviewing career assessments, developing job search tools, creating a 4-year career plan and so much more! Come meet with a career counselor today! For more information, including how to contact us, please Click Here

TUTORING: Monday - Thursday -  4PM - 9PM (No appointment necessary!)   

The get wise center will house some of FAU’s best and brightest tutors! In addition to general subject area tutoring, we will also have specifically targeted subjects such as: science, math, and languages. There is no need to make an appointment. Just check the website or give the center a call (561-297-4743) to make sure there is someone on staff to assist you. In the case we cannot provide exactly what you need during after hours, we will make every effort to find you the assistance you need. We will assist students in making appointments, finding amazing SI sessions and more!


WRITING ASSISTANCE: Monday - Thursday 4PM - 8:30PM (Appointments are highly encouraged)

Do you have a paper coming up, but you just don’t know how to get started? Come on down and discuss your prompt with one of our amazing writing consultants! Have you written the paper but you’re not convinced it’s your best work? Discuss your paper with a consultant and hand in your work with confidence! Not only will your consultant assist you in any stage of the writing process, he/she will also provide you with an ‘error log’ which will address written mistakes you frequently make. This focus on you as an individual writer will assist in improving specific issues you may be facing, thus making you a better-written communicator (a skill most careers demand).