10 Steps to Better Notes 


  1. Use one side of the note page for generating questions or summarizing main points. 

  2. Date and title each new lecture. 

  3. Generate a glossary of course terms and a list of abbreviations. 

  4. Write down as many of the key words and thoughts as possible.  If you miss something draw a line and continue to write.  After class, ask a classmate or the instructor to help you "fill in the blanks." 

  5. If you get lost or confused, draw a "?" and continue to write.  Check with someone after class for clarification. 

  6. Write a one sentence summary of your notes for each class period. 

  7. Use questions and/or main points to generate charts, quizzes, etc. 

  8. Take notes, charts, quizzes etc. with you when you see an instructor or tutor. 

  9. Use notes to generate mock exams. 

  10. Use notes daily to clarify reading assignments, course concepts, etc. 

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 Last Modified 1/28/15