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The MCAT 90-Hour Live Classroom Course - $1,000

FAU Test Preparation, in alliance with the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science has developed FAU's MCAT Live Classroom Course to prepare students for the successful completion of the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). The course offers 90 hours of live classroom instruction and includes 5 full length computerized practice exams. FAU's MCAT course incorporates the MCAT's new focus on the science of living systems and its additional focus on the socio-cultural and behavioral determinants of health. The course's unique design includes comprehensive reviews of the Biological, Physical, and Behavioral Science of living systems presented by prominent members of the College of Science faculty, while the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (and overall test taking strategies) are presented by FAU test preparation instructors. View the complete Schedule to see all your options.


  • 90 Hours of Live Classroom Instruction
  • FAU developed, Instructor-led, Comprehensive Reviews of Biological, Physical, Behavioral Sciences, and Verbal Reasoning
  • Instruction by FAU College of Science faculty & FAU Test Prep instructors
  • Knowledge of scientific concepts and principles
  • Scientific Reasoning and Problem Solving
  • Reasoning associated with the design and execution of research
  • Emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving
  • Five full-length, computer practice exams
  • Test preparation at half the cost of other test preparation courses
  • Offered during Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters


  • MCAT Subject Review Complete Set (2nd Edition, by The Princeton Review) . Included in Course