Make-Up Testing/SCANNING

When dropping off make-up exams please follow these guidelines:

  • Make-up exams must be hand delivered to the Testing Office. Exams may not emailed, faxed, or mailed (this includes interoffice mail). Exams must be picked up in person by the instructor or designated staff member.
  • A make-up exam form must be completed. Student names must be provided to ensure that only students designated by instructor with prior authorization may take exams. Exams will not be accepted by the Testing & Evaluation Depart without student names. Extra copies of exam cannot be left.
  • Make-up testing should be used for extenuating circumstances and not as an alternative for classroom testing, as space is limited.
  • Do not send entire classes to take makeup tests (Limit of 6 tests per instructor). Final exams must be administered in the classroom at the designated time during Finals Week.
  • All make-up testing, except for the final exam, must be completed before Finals Week begins.
  • Professors should pick up make-up tests periodically; do not let the tests accumulate the entire semester.
  • Make sure enough copies of tests correspond to the number of students authorized to take tests.
    The Testing & Evaluation Department cannot copy tests.
  • Tests to be administered by the Testing & Evaluation Department must be at least 30 minutes in length. Please do not leave short quizzes to be administered. This will help reduce distractions to other students that are in the process of testing.
  • Open book test are limited to one bound book (no e-books), notes/formula sheets are limited to one page front and back.

When dropping off Scanning please follow these guidelines:

Exams to be scanned must be hand delivered to the Testing Office. Results will be sent via email to FAU Email addresses only (2 email addresses per set). Exams must be picked up in person by the instructor or designated staff member (ID must be presented), actual scantrons cannot be mailed (this includes interoffice mail), faxed, printed or copied.

  • An answer key and Scanning Log Sheet must be submitted with each set of scantrons
  • Please allow up to 48 hours to process scanning
  • Scanning Procedures - Must have 10 or more answer sheets in a stack to be scanned
  • All Scantrons must be facing the same direction
  • Make sure only scantrons are submitted.  Please remove any paperclips, post-its, blank papers, or exams from scantron stacks as it will jam the machine resulting in a service call to Scantron
  • Only reports designated on Scanning Log Sheet will be processed
  • For any questions, concerns or issues with scanning please email

scanning picture

This is how we need you to fill out your key

On the first colum, write the Letter A then skip the next colum and write  INSTRUCTORS NAME  skip the next colum then write the word KEY


  • Be sure to bubble in  the corresponding circles
  • Make sure you have a key and a Log Sheet accompanied with every scantron set 




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