Proctored Correspondence Testing

Florida Atlantic University offers a secure testing environment for proctoring correspondence exams from other institutions or businesses.  We do not proctor exams that require the use of a webcam.

Registration Information       Important Picture

Please read carefully through all the steps before starting the registration process:
  1. Email the Testing and Evaluation Department ( for the Boca Raton Campus or ( for the Davie Campus of Florida Atlantic University requesting approval to take a proctored exam.  Include in your email which campus you would like to take your exam at, Davie Campus or Boca Campus.  (Wait to receive your approval form from FAU before paying for your exam.) Complete the student information section of your FAU approval form and forward the form to your home institution for completion.  Your school will then return the approval form to FAU.  Exams cannot be scheduled at FAU without the receipt of the correctly completed form

  2. Pay for your exam by choosing the desired campus below to start the payment process.  Note: 
    • All testing fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and the test may not be rescheduled .
    • COST - Test Administration Fee: $58.50

      Please allow at least 5 business days for the Testing Office to schedule your appointment.
      Your appointment will be confirmed via email from
      Do not wait until the last minute to pay for your exam.  Seating is limited.

      Testing appointment times are 8:30 AM, 11:30 AM or 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
      All tests must be completed by 4:30 PM.
      If your exam is longer than 2 1/2 hours it is recommended not to choose the 2:00 PM time slot.

    Be aware that you must obtain approvals from both the FAU Testing, your school, and pay your exam fee before you can be scheduled for your exam.


      **University of London Candidates**-
    Proctoring fee $68.50 does not include postage for shipping for the return of exam materials. Proctoring fee and postage will be paid by the examinee.

    The deadlines for entry submission are posted on the University of London website.

    To ensure that you receive your validation code in a timely manner you must email your entry form to prior to these dates.

    University of London Exams ARE NOT available for proctoring at the Davie campus.









What to Bring

  • A non-expired Photo ID or FAU Owl card must be presented prior to testing.  NO EXCEPTIONS. You may not test without a valid, non-expired PHOTO ID.  Your photo ID must match exactly the name you used when registering. Listed below are the only acceptable forms of photo identification (no photocopies accepted):

    • Current driver's license
    • State Approved ID
    • Current passport
    • Military ID
    • Tribal ID card

  • A copy of your appointment confirmation email.

  • If your exam is a paper/pencil exam, bring a pre-paid envelope addressed to your home institution. Testing and Evaluation will not provide mailing materials or provide postage for any exams returned due to insufficient postage. Computer-based correspondence tests do not require a postage paid envelope.

Examinees are required to be professional, civil and respectful at all time while on the premises of the Test Center. All exams are continuously monitored by video and audio recording, physical walk-through, and through the observation window. The Test Center Staff is authorized to dismiss you from the test session for a violation of any of the Test Center Regulations, including exhibiting abusive behavior towards the Test Center Staff or other examinees.There will a brief security check upon entry to the test room


Schedule Your Exam

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