Make-Up Testing

Make-up Tests cannot be faxed or emailed. All tests must hand delivered/picked up at the testing department (SU80-210).

When dropping off make-up exams please follow these guidelines:

  • A make-up exam form must be completed.  Student names must be provided to ensure that only students designated by instructor with prior authorization may take exams. Exams will not be accepted by the Testing & Evaluation Depart without student names.

  • Make-up testing should be used for extenuating circumstances and not as an alternative for classroom testing, as space is limited.

  • Do not send entire classes to take makeup tests (Limit of 6 tests per instructor). Final exams must be administered in the classroom at the designated time during Finals Week.

  • All makeup testing, except for the final exam, must be completed before Finals Week begins.

  • Professors should pick up makeup tests periodically; do not let the tests accumulate the entire semester.

  • Make sure enough copies of tests correspond to the number of students authorized to take tests. The Testing & Evaluation Department cannot copy tests.

  • Tests to be administered by the Testing & Evaluation Department must be at least 30 minutes in length. Please do not leave short quizzes to be administered. This will help reduce distractions to other students that are in the process of testing.

    Make-up Exams (for use at the Boca Raton office - UPDATED 10/26/2012)
    Make-up Exams(for use at the Davie office - NEW 05/08/2012)


Testing & Evaluation uses Remark Software 4.2 to analyze test results using the blue Scantron 4521 forms. We are not able to scan the small green Scantron 822-E forms at the Boca Raton Campus.  The green forms may be scored utilizing a self-service scanner located on the Davie Campus, LA 242.

Scantrons must be hand delivered to the Testing office. For security purposes, Scantrons cannot be mailed (including campus mail). When dropping off scantrons a scanning log form must be filled out for each set of scantrons scored.  Each set of scantrons must have a seperate key (Tesing & Evaluation does not provide Scantron forms). You must also request what type of reports you will receive.  You will only receive the reports requested on the scanning log sheet.  To avoid delay in processing, please make sure forms are filled out completely and the correct reports are requested.  Test Scoring Log Sheets may be filled out in advance.  To access the form click the link below.  This form is fillable.

Results will be emailed within 24-hours of when they were dropped off.   Emails will be sent to FAU email accounts only (limit of 2).  When Scantrons are picked up ID must be provided by person designated to pick up Scantrons.  Please pick up Scantrons within 2 weeks of processing.  Scantrons are destroyed after 2 weeks.

Below there is a link containing examples of the reports you will receive, the scanning log sheet and an example of how to fill out your answer key. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, you may contact Testing & Evaluation at 561-297-3160.

Test Scoring Log Sheet (UPDATED 10/18/2013)  *This form is fillable

New Procedures for Remark Software (UPDATED 10/26/2012)

Blackboard Scantron Tool for Upload


eLearning instructors who wish to have their midterm and/or final exams proctored at our three testing centers (Boca Raton, Davie, and Jupiter) need to fill in a request form and submit it to the eLearning Testing Coordinator.  Click on the link below to access the form which contains the email address and directions (example), or call Testing and Evaluation (561.297.3160).

Once the exam format is compatibility checked on our computers, a confirmation email will be sent to the instructor:  do not announce the center’s use until after receipt of the confirmation.

FAU Testing & Evaluation On-Line Testing Service Request form

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