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Planning Abroad

The School of Urban and Regional Planning's groundbreaking Planning Abroad Program provides an international, or global, context for our work. The program consists of many activities, the most apparent being the provision of courses that involve either study tours, project related work, or professional participation in planning and planning related activities in some of the planning hotspots around the globe. Other activities include hosting international scholars and students, participation in research and teaching projects with international colleagues, and meaningful involvement with major international academic, NGO, and professional organizations.

SURP conducts one or more Planning Abroad experiences each year as special topic courses. While specific topics vary from year to year making the experience original and unique each time it is conducted, the topics support the mission and programmatic identity of SURP – the focus on urban regions, consideration of multi-scalarity in systems, and planning activities.

These courses are electives, designed to provide innovative experiences for both graduate and undergraduate students in SURP. Students from other disciplines might find the course relevant and welcome, though priority is given to SURP students.

For information please call the SURP Planning Abroad Office at 954-762-5663 or the SURP main office at 954-762-5652.

Place Plumereau, Tours, France

Place Plumereau, Tours, France

Upcoming Planning Abroad courses:

  • 2013
    • Tours, France: Exchange program with Université de Tours on Water Governance. Contact the Planning Abroad office for details at 954-762-5663.

Recap of past Planning Abroad courses:

  • 2012
    • Santiago, Chile
  • 2011
    • Spain
  • 2010
    • Netherlands: Who's Vision? Who's Plan?
    • São Paulo, Brazil: Megaregions
  • 2009
    • Hamburg, Germany: Exchange program on Playful Public Participation
    • Vienna, Austria: Exchange program on Post-Petroleum Planning
    • Istanbul, Turkey: Mega-Projects and Metropolitan Form
  • 2008
    • Vienna, Austria: Exchange program on Metropolitan Context, Local Responses
    • Berlin & Hamburg, Germany: Regeneration and Sustainability
  • 2006
    • Vienna, Austria: ICT, Culture and Local Economic Development
  • 2005
    • Rotterdam, Den Hague & Amsterdam, Netherlands: Study tour
  • 2004
    • Bologna & Milano, Italy: Study tour 2003 (Inaugural course)
    • Paris & Reims, France: Study tour