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Lisa Colmenares

Lisa Colmenares

Adjunct Faculty

Ms. Lisa Colmenares has more than 15 years of experience as a Transportation and Planning Manager. She held the Director of Transportation Planning position at Calvin Giordano and has assisted in the management in the Planning Department at the Corradino Group. Ms. Colmenares has provided services in planning and traffic planning services from St. Lucie County to the City of Homestead. Ms. Colmenares is responsible for project management, traffic/transportation analysis reports, presentation of the project and intergovernmental coordination. Ms. Colmenares has more than 15 years of experience working in multimodal capital and growth management projects, including more than a dozen Comprehensive Plans from Homestead to Saint Lucie County. Ms. Colmenares has also managed transit projects in South Florida and South America, and a variety of transportation master plans, including parking studies. Ms. Colmenares is involved in the public involvement process which includes public hearing and public workshops with diverse stakeholders involved in the planning process. Ms. Colmenares represented MDX at the Miami-Dade MPO’s 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan Committee and the 2006-2010 Transportation Improvement Program Committee. She also served as liaison between the Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and MDX on several long range projects. Ms. Colmenares prepared MDX’s 2030 Long Range Plan. She has served as the General Traffic and Transportation Consultant to a variety of municipalities in the South Florida region, understanding the dynamics of working as an extension of staff and having drafted a series of ordinances and resolutions pertaining to land use, urban design, concurrency, capital programs and transportation. She holds a Masters in Urban and Rregional Planning and a Masters in International Business, both from Florida Atlantic University.