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FAU’s School of Urban and Regional Planning collaborates with Warsaw School of Economics to develop courses on eco-innovations in cities

Polish academics are teaming up with Florida Atlantic University professors to study local sustainable development.

Professor Marek Bryx Professor Marek Bryx

Funded by a European Union grant, the research ultimately will be used to develop courses for a new and innovative Master of Arts Degree program addressing green and socially responsible innovations in urban areas, including construction, intelligent technologies, redevelopment and transportation.

The first phase of the project has the professors collaborating on syllabi for two new courses, "Green Urban Regeneration" and "Eco-Cities." Four academics from Warsaw School of Economics, led by Deputy Rector and Professor Marek Bryx, arrived at FAU in January for a three-month stint to research and work with FAU faculty to develop the courses. Using case studies and interviews with leaders from both the public and private sectors, the courses will compare sustainable development and policies in the U.S. and Europe. Professor Marek Bryx and Izabela Rudzka, a doctoral student at the Warsaw School of Economics, are preparing materials for the course on "Green Urban Regeneration." Dr. Dominika Brodowicz and Przemyslaw Pospieszny, a doctoral student from Warsaw, are developing the "Eco-Cities" course.

Dr. Jesse Saginor Jesse Saginor
Senior Fellow Frank Schnidman Senior Fellow
Frank Schnidman

The Polish team is working with Senior Fellow Frank Schnidman and Dr. Jesse Saginor, associate professor at the FAU School of Urban and Regional Planning, and will attend conferences and events in South Florida, seeking assistance from interested professionals to create case studies for the program in Poland.

Saginor traveled to Poland in November to kick off the partnership with initial research. Schnidman will visit Warsaw in May to conduct a workshop with Polish students to review the two courses, and with the Polish team, provide an overview of the detailed subject matter of each lecture.

"We see this as a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship that will involve valuable information sharing and could open the door for a student and faculty exchange program," Saginor said.

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