School of Urban & Regional Planning

Florida Atlantic University


Dr. Jaap Vos discussed the concept of living labs and its application in planning at 2011 APA Florida Conference

11:00a - 12:15p - Friday September 9

Why Professional Planners Don't Read JAPA and Why Academics Don't Listen More to Professionals: Forging Stronger Linkages Between the Profession and the Academy

  • 1.25 CM credits pending

Many academics complain that professionals don't read their scholarly work, missing out on the lessons and policy recommendations that flow from this work. Simultaneously, professional planners suggest that academics don't understand the big picture, and that scholars are disconnected from how things work in the "real world". A panel that includes the heads of Florida's accredited planning programs and several experienced professionals will discuss ways to bridge the divide between planning practices and planning scholarship. These are great opportunities for practice to inform scholarship and for scholarship to inform practice, and this session is aimed at forging these linkages.



  • Dr. Tim Chapin, FSU Urban & Regional Planning Dept.
    Dr. Kristin Larsen, AICP - UF Urban & Regional Planning Dept.
    Dr. Jaap Vos, FAU School of Urban & Regional Planning


  • Brian Teeple, AICP, Northeast Florida Regional Council
  • May Kay Peck, FAICP, MK Peck and Associates
  • Chris Sinclair, AICP, Renaissance Planning Group

Location: TB