Henry D. Epstein Professor in Urban Planning

The activities of the Henry D. Epstein Professor in Urban Planning are focused on the exploration of current and innovative topics in urban and regional theory.  These topics are examined via the following avenues: ongoing research, an annual lecture, and an annual research symposium.

Dr. David Prosperi, the Henry D. Epstein Professor in Urban Planning at the School of Urban & Regional Planning, has been with FAU since 1989. He holds a Ph.D. in Economic Geography from Indiana University and a master's degree from Temple University in Geography. His main interests include growth management, economic development, and computer applications.

The Annual Epstein Research Symposium

The annual Epstein Research Symposium is held in the spring.  The Symposium features presentations of outstanding research by both SURP students and faculty.

20/20 Lecture

Complexity and Water Management Regimes:
Ostrom’s IAD Framework Applied to South Florida

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Located at HEC room 1110, FAU Fort Lauderdale Campus, 111 E. Las Olas Blvd.
All are welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served.


Introduction and the Ostrom Oeuvre
David C. Prosperi, Henry D. Epstein Professor of Urban Planning

Applying the IAD Framework to the South Florida Water Management Regime
John Bradford (with P. Calvaresi & A. Scotti)

Unpacking the Biophysical and Institutional "Exogenous Contexts"
Marianne Quinn (with A. Alvarez & J. Hsu)

Efficiency in Water Service Delivery: Questions and Methods
Claudia Hasbun (with A. Davis & R. Madan)

Equity in Water Service Delivery: Questions and Methods
Rasheed Shotuyo (with M. LaFrance & J. Root)


20/20 Lecture

Complexity and Change: Primitive Concepts & Applications

April 13, 2011

Presentations Based on Published Papers for REAL CORP 2011, Essen, Germany, May 18-20, 2011

The Annual Epstein Lecture

The annual Epstein Lecture takes place in the fall, coinciding with the world-wide celebration of World Town Planning Day.

A Vision of a Global Planning Knowledge Institute

A Vision of a Global Planning Knowledge Institute

November 8, 2011

20/20 Lecture

20/20 Lecture

A celebration of the past and a discussion on the future of planning in South Florida
November 4, 2009

The School marked its 20th anniversary on November 4th by inviting students, alumni, and friends to a special event entitled "20/20". After a celebratory reception, Henry D. Epstein Professor and Founding Chair David C. Prosperi delivered a thought-provoking lecture on re-claiming the urban region as a focal point of future-oriented thinking. A reaction panel made up of distinguished SURP alumni follows.

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