The New U

The New Student Union

Excellent news… the Student Union at the Boca Raton campus is set to expand its current footprint of meeting and event space. The planned expansion is slated to begin in the fall of 2018 and has an estimated completion date in the first quarter of the year 2020. The overall new footprint will include the addition of a new banquet facility, increased dining and mercantile options, along with more flexible event space and enhanced services for students.


Phase 1

  • Estimated completion - August 15, 2019 Grand Palm/Burrow-eSports/Box Office/Owl Card/Conference Room 1/Military and Vets/Floors

Phase 2

  • Estimated completion - September 15, 2019 Conference 2 (Old Box Office), New Outtakes

Phase 3

  • Estimated completion - October 31, 2019 Furniture and Fixtures, lighting, video walls/television placements Note = Phased Occupancy is based on Fire Marshall approvals Live Oak online until Grand Palm occupancy is granted Banquet Hall - Estimated completion - Q3 2020



Banquet Hall

A new 33,000 square foot community banquet hall will be built along Volusia Street between the current Student Union and Parking Garage 1. The facility’s unique and modern design features a spacious pre-function lobby, a customizable venue that can seat up to 1,000 guests with indoor and outdoor collaborative meeting areas. The intention of this space is to encourage our student and Palm Beach county communities to come together and create experiences that they will never forget.

Student Union Interior

The current Student Union interior, originally built in 1972, is set to receive a cosmetic facelift and renovation. Areas such as flooring and lighting along with new Mercantile options, expanded conference spaces along with a state of the art Student gaming and meeting room are items that are included in the overall project.




Please enjoy the below walkthroughs of the new planned conceptual design set for the Boca Raton Student Union locations. This renovation project is a collaborative effort between the students of FAU and the FAU design committee. We are sure that you will enjoy the experience and love “The New U” at Florida Atlantic University.


 Last Modified 6/12/19