Travel Reimbursement

Student travelers must submit their own travel applications. Professional staff cannot submit travel on behalf of student travelers.

After traveling, each student that has received a travel award should complete a request for travel reimbursement via Owl Central within ten (10) business days of completion of travel

Request for Reimbursement must include the following:

The following documentation is required as applicable (A student can only seek reimbursement for expenses authorized by the Student Travel committee on their Student Travel Award Letter):

  • Paid registration receipts showing you as the registrant
  • Paid airline tickets showing your itinerary and you as traveler
  • Boarding passes if you are requesting airline ticket reimbursement
  • Car rental receipts with your name as the driver
  • Gas receipts if you used a rental car
  • Tolls receipts if you used a rental car or your own vehicle
  • Map showing point of origin to destination must be provided if requesting to be reimbursed for mileage if you used your own vehicle
  • Itemized Hotel receipts showing you as the guest
  • Taxi/Train/Bus receipts showing you as the traveler
  • For international travel, proof of university approved international health and travel insurance purchased

If proper reimbursement paperwork is not turned in within the ten (10) business day timeframe via Owl Central,travel expenses will not be reimbursed.