The University principles address the respect for the law, regulations and policies, and the respect for people.

(a) Respect for the Law. Students are expected to respect and obey all regulations and policies of the University and all local, state and federal laws. If regulations, policies or laws are considered to be unfair or improper, it is expected that students will use appropriate, established, and lawful procedures to effect change.

(b) Respect for Self and Others. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which exemplifies respect for people of all races, religions, and ethnic groups, and to adhere to one's personal values without unduly imposing them on others. Respect for one's own mind and body, is essential. In interpersonal relationships, students are expected to respect the rights of others, particularly their right to refuse to participate in any activity. Students should take responsibility to serve as leaders in promoting compassion for others and challenging prejudice.

All students in the University Community, regardless of institutional or program affiliation, are expected to know and adhere to the regulations and policies of the University, as well as local, state, and federal laws.

 Last Modified 1/23/15