Student Conduct Records

  1. The record of student conduct proceedings are part of a student’s educational record and are subject to educational records confidentiality laws. Conduct records and law violations are kept in the Dean of Students Office. These files are separate from academic transcripts.

  2. Issuance of Transcripts, Hold of Records, and Retention of Records in Cases of Student Conduct Action. The transcripts and future registration records of students subject to student conduct action are flagged in accordance with the following guidelines:

    1. The Dean of Student Affairs Office will place a hold on the records where:

      1. A student has committed student conduct acts culminating in interm suspension, suspension and/or expulsion;

      2. A student has failed to appear before the Dean of Students, Student Conduct Board or Hearing Officer, when reasonably notified as to his/her involvement in student conduct matters; or

      3. A student with severe behavior problems is no longer attending the University, and it is the determination of the Dean of Students that a complete review of his/her record is to be made prior to readmission.

    2. When a student requests issuance of his or her transcript to another educational institution, outside agency or individual, such transcript shall be issued subject to the following guidelines:

      1. If the student has had a student conduct action taken against him/her which falls under paragraph (1) above, the transcript can only be sent with an overlay.

      2. The overlay states: “This transcript reflects only the academic record of the student; this student currently is not in good standing and further information should be requested from the Dean of Students.”

    3. The Dean of Students Office has adopted the following Retention of Records Policy: Student conduct records will be maintained in the Dean of Students Office for a period of six (6) years from the end of the student’s matriculation at the University. Student conduct records shall be retained for longer periods of time or permanently if the student was expelled, dismissed, suspended or blocked from enrollment and in situations that may result in future litigation.

      1. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if during the semester of the student’s graduation, the student requests in correspondence that his or her student conduct record be destroyed, that record will be evaluated.

      2. No record may be destroyed when the student conduct violation resulted in:

      1. Personal injury;

      2. Property damage;

      3. A felony violation of a state controlled substance law;

      4. Disruption to the orderly operation of the University;

      5. Violation of the firearm, explosives, dangerous chemicals, and ammunition or weaponry regulations of the University;

      6. Suspension or expulsion from the University;

      7. Endangering the health, safety, or welfare of members or guests of the University; or

      8. Comes within the jurisdiction of the off-campus conduct section of the Student Code of Conduct.

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