1. Advisor - The term "advisor" refers to any person, including an attorney chosen by the student or the alleged victim at their own expense to assist him/her throughout the student conduct process.

  2. Business days - The term "business days" shall be defined as Monday through Friday excluding official Florida Atlantic University holidays.

  3. Chair - One of the faculty / staff members that is selected from the Student Conduct Board panel ot chair the Student Conduct Board Hearing.

  4. Charged Student - The term "charged student" refers to any student who has been charged with an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

  5. Correspondence - The term "correspondence" refers to (1) written or electronic correspondence from the University sent to either the student's physical address on file with the Registrar, or to the student's FAU email address, if the student is a current student and (2) written or electronic correspondence from the student via the student's FAU email address.

  6. Dean of Student Affairs - The term "Dean of Students" refers to any of the following persons or offices: Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Students or designee.

  7. Hearing - The term "Hearing" shall refer to the Student Conduct Board Hearing and the Hearing Officer, as applicable.

  8. Hearing Officer - A person authorized by the University to determine whether a student has violated the Student Code of Conduct. Such person may recommend sanctions that may be imposed when a violation has been committed. 

  9. Hearing Officer Hearing - A student conduct Hearing conducted by the Hearing Officer.

  10. Information Session - The term "Information Session" refers to the conference at which the charged student is afforded the opportunity to review all materials that will be used in his or her Hearing.

  11. Investigation Conference - The term "Investigation Conference" refers to a conference meeting which includes the opportunity for the Dean of Students to interview and gather information with the student and an explanation of the process, the student's rights and a review of the incident.

  12. Senior Vice President - The term "Senior Vice President" refers to the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.

  13. Student - The term "student" refers to any person taking courses at FAU on any of its campuses or sites. Persons who withdraw after allegedly violating the Student Code of Conduct, who are not officially enrolled for a particular term but who have a continuing relationship with FAU, or have been notified of their acceptance for admission are considered "students."
    The term "student" will also refer to student and organizations and individuals living in University housing, although not enrolled at FAU. 

  14. Student Conduct Board - The term "Student Conduct Board" means any person or persons authorized by the University to determine whether a student has violated the Student Code of Conduct. Such person or persons may recommend sanctions that may be imposed when a violation has been committed.

  15. Student Conduct Board Hearing - A formal student conduct Hearing conducted by the Student Conduct Board.

  16. Student Conduct Conference - The term "Student Conduct Conference" refers to the individual meeting with the student and the Dean of Students (or designee) after a Notice of Charges has been delievered. This meeting consists primarily of a discussion between the student and the Dean of Students (or designee) and affords the student the opportunity to choose "Responsible" or "Not Responsible" to the charges listed on the Notice of Charges, and determines the next course of action in the student conduct process.

  17. University or FAU - The term "University" or "FAU" refers to Florida Atlantic University, including all of its campuses and sites. The Student Code of Conduct applies to all campuses and sites of the University.

  18. University Community - Refers to Trustess, students, faculty, staff and all visitors, contractors and guests to the University or any of its campuses, facilites or events.

  19. University Official - The term "University official" refers to any person employed by the University to perform assigned teaching, research, administrative, professional or other responsibilities.

  20. Witnesses - The individuals who were present at the time of the incident in question, have information about the incident in question or who are called upon to voluntarily present testimony at a Hearing. No character witnesses are permitted.

 Last Modified 1/23/15