The Benefits of Leadership

As a freshman in Environmental Science, Christy took advantage of the many leadership opportunities available, including Emerging Young Leaders, LDR 2010 Leadership class, some institutes and events that had been offered throughout the semester. However, it was LeaderShape that had the most profound affect on Christy.

Like many first year students, Christy had a loosely formed notion of what her future might hold. LeaderShape helped her focus on goals and create a vision of short-term and long-term goals. She became better at analyzing and reflecting on her own life. Learning to reflect improved Christy’s ability to think inwardly about her life’s purpose. In her own words, “The most remarkable thing about LeaderShape was the concept of leadership as a way a person lives his or her life, and the idea that being a leader is a lifestyle choice rather than something people do.”

Christy’s enthusiastic endorsement continued, “The benefits of LeaderShape continue to multiply. In a way, it catalyzed my leadership development and broke a few walls that prevented me from pursuing my real purpose in life.”