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Sayd Hussain

Sayd Hussain

Student gives commencement speech in Washington

College of Engineering student Sayd Hussain is expected to graduate with a degree in Environmental Engineering and a minor in Political Science. Over this past summer, Sayd has spent his time interning for the Ecological Society of America through the Washington center, in our country’s Capitol. He found this internship opportunity using the FAU Career Center.

While in Washington, Sayd had the opportunity to attend live sessions of Congress for the House of Representatives and the Senate. He stated that during this time his favorite moment was the Supreme Court session. He enjoyed listening to the Justices speak on their Judicial opinions.

A day in the life of Sayd consisted of waking up and commuting to work 15-20 minutes on the D.C. Metro. He begins his days at work by asking his supervisor about expectations for the day. As the education intern Sayd’s daily objective was to help coordinate the ESA’s annual conference in Portland, Oregon. In his experience, Sayd felt the staff and his supervisor played a role in making him feel comfortable and productive.

As his time in Washington comes to an end, Sayd is proud to say that on August 4, he will have had the honor of speaking during The Washington Center’s Summer 2017 commencement ceremony. He was nominated by a peer and auditioned for the opportunity to give the commencement speech. His speech was about his struggle finding his identity in the United States. Sayd feels his internship has given him an experience that helped him define himself regardless of labels others may have placed on him.

Sayd is set to graduate from Florida Atlantic University in 2020, upon graduating with a Bachelors in Environmental Engineering and a Political Science minor he will pursue Patent Law. He wants to handle technology patents and work for the United States Patent and Trademark office.

His advice to students seeking internships is simply don’t be afraid to apply, “You will never know if you had a chance if you never applied in the first place.”