Summer Campus Life

Campus photo showing students walking down Diversity Way

by F. RODRIGUEZ | Friday, Jun 07, 2019

Summer is here. Many students go back to their hometowns, some stay local. But the importance of staying on track, is on every students’ mind. Enrolling in summer classes cannot only decrease your time to graduation but it also allows you to partake on summer activities. Many students start their college journey during summer as well. We asked fau students enrolled in summer sessions to give us some advice as well as their opinion on why summer classes aren’t so bad after all.

“Being able to focus on two subjects rather than the usual four or five, allows me to fully invest myself into those two classes and not feel as stressed over other courses, so I tend to do better during summer sessions.” expressed Lauren, a senior majoring in biology. by not having as busy of a schedule, many students find the time to get a summer job as well and make some extra cash for the upcoming semesters. Alex, a business major had a great point, “I love summer because that’s when I’m the least broke. Balancing your classes and extracurricular activities becomes a lot more plausible when you don’t have to worry over meeting many deadlines.”

It’s also a great time to consider doing an internship. FAU and many local businesses are hiring owls during the summer to partake in internship programs. So if you have free time during summer and are looking to build up your resume, visit the Career Center to better assist you in finding the right opportunity. Campus is not as busy during the summer, therefore make your summer count! Students have the advantage of seeing their advisors without having to worry about making appointments and waiting long lines, something that is rare during fall/spring. As a result, the university is able to better assist you with the proper information so that you are more than ready when fall comes.

Campus life is still active and there are various events students can participate in.Summer Splash is a website dedicated to provide a list of activities that FAU students can get involved in during the summer, so keep an eye out for some fun events happening in the upcoming weeks. Regardless, if you are taking one or three courses over the summer, there is no doubt that summer is a perfect time to: stay on track, catch up, or pick up an extracurricular activity without having too much to stress about.