Congratulations Aaron Hackman

Aaron Hackman  Alpha Phi Omega, National co-ed Service Fraternity  Associate Director of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning Weppner Center for LEAD & Service-Learning

by M. Murphy | Thursday, Feb 14, 2019

Aaron Hackman
Associate Director of Civic Engagement and Service-Learning
Weppner Center for LEAD & Service-Learning

We would like to Congratulate Aaron Hackman on his opportunity to be the only staff member in Florida selected as a pilot program participant with National Campus Compact.

The credentialing program focuses on two key areas: Community Engagement Fundamentals and Community Partnerships. The objective of the program is to provide higher education practitioners that serve in community engagement roles at their institutions opportunities to gain recognition for knowledge and skills developed throughout their careers with opportunities to engage in ongoing professional development.

Aaron values being able to connect our students with community partners to learn more about the community and region around us. He is driven by our students. He says, “We have an incredible student population that bring with them a wealth of knowledge and life-experiences. I believe I’m privileged to work with them, learn from them, and help them grow so they are well-equipped when the time comes for them to make their next transition. I really enjoy talking with students about their service experiences, things they’ve done in the community, and serving alongside them out in the community whenever I have the chance.”

Aaron is inspired to obtain this credentialing to be the best he can be for our institution. As FAU continues to grow he sees it as an opportunity to grow within himself as well. He will also be completing his PhD in Higher Education Leadership with his dissertation topic being specifically on Academic Service-Learning and the benefits to Graduate Students in STEM programs.

Advice for students or other professionals interested in Community Engagement:

“For students, my advice would be, stay hungry. Get involved early on and find what you are passionate about. We have a saying in Lead and Serve “what is your why?” My “why” is our students, and their success, so seek out university resources, ask questions, check out that program that you might be on the fence about. Also, get involved in your community. I’m not originally from South Florida, and I’ve learned a lot just by talking with my neighbors and hearing their stories.

For other professionals, I’d also say- stay hungry. I’ve learned a lot by building relationships across the institution and among other higher educational institutions in South Florida and across the state. Become part of a professional network, in the field of community engagement, there is Campus Compact. Almost every state/region has one; and offers a wealth of resources to learn more about our work.”