A Career Guide for the Real Estate Major

The FAU Real Estate program provides strong grounding in the skills necessary for professional success in real estate. The financial management degree and the real estate degree both provide an excellent basis for continuing graduate study in law or business. The Real Estate faculty at FAU concertedly work towards providing internship opportunities and career placement.

The Real Estate program focuses on concepts, techniques, and issues integral to the real estate industry. FAU real estate courses also benefit the continuing education of local real estate professionals. As a result, the undergraduate classes provide considerable interaction between faculty, traditional undergraduate students, and active real estate professionals.

The primary objective of the real estate program is to provide the knowledge and skills required to compete successfully in the real estate industry, while contributing to the community and the professional advancement of the industry. Specifically, the program focuses on providing the analytical and conceptual framework necessary to make informed decisions regarding real estate investment, financing, development, and valuation.

Some of the career areas in real estate are:

Appraisal and Valuation: Appraisers and valuation experts estimate the value of various real estate and business assets. Appraisers work closely with mortgage lenders and investors. Students begin the mandatory state certification process by taking the first appraisal course.
Asset/Property Management: Asset/property managers are responsible for the care of real estate and associated investments. Any institution with real estate holdings can benefit from professional management.
Brokerage: The brokerage industry handles the buying, selling, and marketing of all types of real estate. Successful completion of Real Estate Principles and Real Estate Law satisfies the Florida Real Estate Commission education requirements for real estate licensing. Attainment of the real estate degree satisfies education and experience requirements for the broker's license.
Real Estate Lending: Real estate lenders specialize in both short-term construction loans and permanent mortgage financing of all types of real estate. Expertise is required to make sound decisions for the lending institution.
Development: Developers convert vacant land into subdivisions, shopping centers, and other uses.
Investment Analysis: The real estate investment analyst investigates potential investments and advises investors.
Market Analysis: A market analysis is crucial to real estate decision-making. The analyst assesses current and expected market conditions that affect development, investment, and lending decisions.
Public Real Estate: Public agencies use real estate experts for property tax assessment, land and facilities acquisition, and property management.

The following Interests and Aptitudes/Qualities are associated with or needed for success in the study of this major.

  • People oriented
  • Working independently
  • Keeping records
  • Sales/marketing
  • Researching detailed information
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong negotiating/interpersonal skills
  • Highly motivated
  • Detail oriented
  • Computer literacy
  • Self starter
  • Strong persuasive skills
  • Flexibility
  • Strong written/oral communication skills


The FAU curriculum for a Bachelor's Degree in Real Estate is a four-year program. (A B.S. degree-seeking student must complete the university language requirement). Undergraduate lower- and upper-division course work can be found in the academic catalog. Upper division College of Business courses may not be taken until the student has earned 55 semester hours and passed 3 sections of the CLAST. A minimum GPA of 2.25 must be maintained. Electives must satisfy University requirements. It is recommended that the student select elective courses that are related to career objectives. The Real Estate faculty is available to provide guidance.


The following are examples of positions often held by Real Estate graduates:

Residential/Commercial Sales Agent
Residential/Commercial Buyer's Agent
Leasing Agent
Mortgage Lender
Real Estate Developer
Investment Advisor/Consultant
Market Analyst/Consultant
Asset Manager
Property Manager
Public Real Estate Agent
Site Selector/Acquisitions
Corporate Real Estate Manager

Note: Some of the above professions will require advanced study or training.


For information about choosing a career, graduate/ professional school, internships or job descriptions, and for career library resources, contact:

Career Development Center
Boca Raton Campus - Student Services Building, Room 220 (SU 220)

Davie Campus - Modular G

Jupiter Campus - SR 110

For information about choosing a major and concentration and degree requirements, contact:

Barry Kayle College of Business
Boca Raton Campus, Flemming West, Room 102 (FW 102)

Davie Campus, Liberal Arts Building, Room 444 (LA 444)

Department of Industry Studies
Boca Raton Campus, Flemming Hall Building, Room 332 (FL 332)

The Career Guide series was developed by the Florida Atlantic University Career Development Center, Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Undergraduate Programs, and in cooperation with the Barry Kayle College of Business and the Department of Industry Studies.
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