A Career Guide for the Management Major

Management involves the coordination, implementation, promotion, supervision, and direction of the activities of individuals, organizations, and businesses. Effective management techniques are the backbone of strong economic, political, and social systems at all levels.

The field of management encompasses a variety of employment opportunities across virtually all areas of the workforce. A management background prepares graduates for a myriad of careers including advertising, banking, construction, education, finance, health, hotels, manufacturing, restaurants, transportation, and utilities. As these areas become more competitive and sophisticated, opportunities for individuals increase and the demand for specialization becomes greater.

General Management positions involve coordinating, controlling, directing, and planning the functions of an organization. There are many different levels of management and types of managers. Management jobs are not typically entry-level positions. Training, experience, and promotion are generally the criteria for career advancement.

Human Resource Management positions provide the link between management and employees. Personal interaction with people is the essential ingredient of this field. The major areas of specialization include compensation and benefits, employee assistance, equal employment, labor relations, recruitment and selection, training and development, and wage and salary administration. In small companies, one person may handle all duties, but in large corporations there are likely to be specialists and many employees in each area.

The following Interests and Aptitudes/Qualities are associated with or needed for success in the study of this major.

  • Trends in labor relations
  • Supervisory/ leadership roles
  • Financial planning/budgeting
  • Working with people
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decisiveness
  • Detail-oriented
  • Analytical Skills
  • Strong planning/ organizational skills
  • Ability to supervise/ manage people
  • Good judgment
  • Strong people skills
  • Working independently/in groups
  • High self-esteem
  • Excellent written/oral communication skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Ability to delegate
  • Computer literacy


The FAU curriculum for a Bachelor's Degree in Management is a four-year degree. The Management degree develops future leaders skilled in the art of managing in a global business environment. To be eligible for admissions to the College of Business, students must meet all of the general freshman or transfer admissions requirements of the University as well as the College of Business, including a minimum 2.0 FAU GPA and overall GPA. The minimum educational program, educational background, and qualifications required are listed in the "Admissions" section of the catalog.


The following are examples of positions often held by Management graduates:

Information Systems Supervisor
Training and Development Coordinator
Administrator of Utilities
Director of Worker's Compensation
Account Executive
Human Resource Manager
Vice President (Banking)
Special Programs Manager
Corporate Tax Manager
Financial Planner Self-Employed CPA
Executive Recruiter
Quality Assurance Agent
Director of Equal Employment Opportunity
Critical Inquiry Coordinator
Apparel Sales Representative
Claims Representative
Associate Professor
Business or Industry Manager

Note: Some of the above professions will require advanced study or training.


For information about choosing a career, graduate/ professional school, internships or job descriptions, and for career library resources, contact:

Career Development Center
Boca Raton Campus - Student Services Building, Room 220 (SU 220)

Davie Campus - Modular G

Jupiter Campus - SR 110

For information about choosing a major and concentration and degree requirements, contact:

Barry Kaye College of Business
Boca Raton Campus, Flemming West, Room 102 (FW 102)

Davie Campus, Liberal Arts Building, Room 444 (LA 444)

Department of Management & International Business

The Career Guide series was developed by the Florida Atlantic University Career Development Center, Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Undergraduate Programs, and in cooperation with the Barry Kaye College of Business,Department of Management & International Business.

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