A Career Guide for the Management Information Systems Major

Computer study focuses on the design, manufacture, application, and effective management of computers, computer materials, computer equipment, and software. It includes the management, analysis, and dissemination of information via computer. From tiny hand-held electronic devices to huge multi-cabinet computers operated by many large organizations, computers pervade our culture and affect nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Computer study can be divided into three areas. The first two are Computer Science and Computer Engineering. These two disciplines focus on the study of highly technical and mathematical/theoretical foundations for the development of systems software such as operating systems and language translators. The third discipline, Management Information Systems, focuses on the use of concepts and tools necessary for analyzing, designing, planning, and developing system resources.

Management Information Systems (MIS) emphasizes practical applications of information systems technology to a greater degree than Computer Science and Engineering.

Management Information Systems concentrates on the design, development, use, and management of systems in the business environment used to supply managers with accurate and timely information for use in making business decisions. Students can select either the C# or Java programming language for the Advanced Programming and Project courses which conclude the major coursework. Graduates of the MIS program are prepared for careers with any type of company that uses computers and software applications as a critical part of their operation.

The following Interests and Aptitudes/Qualities are associated with or needed for success in the study of this major.

Work on multi-discipline projects

Design/Enhance business processes

Design programming tools

Solving problems

Working with people

Organizing information

Enjoy working with computer
technology and software

Working with numbers

Detail work

Working with the Internet

Enjoy learning/understanding all
systems and processes across
the organization

Oral/written communication skills

Working independently and on teams

Compiling/analyzing numerical data


Show initiative

Creative/critical thinking

Working with changing technology

Good interpersonal skills

Typing skills

Analytical/logical thinking

Organization skills

Detail oriented

Knowledge of computer languages, equipment, and application programs


Florida Atlantic University awards either the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Management Information Systems to those students who complete the college degree requirements. In addition to the University and College degree requirements, students seeking a B.S. in Management Information Systems must complete 6 additional credits of math or statistics courses beyond the calculus and statistics required in the pre-professional courses. A grade of "C-" or better is required in "Core" courses and a grade of "C" is required in all "Major" courses.


The following are examples of positions often held by Management Information Systems graduates:

Business Analyst
Systems Analyst
Operational Analyst
Information Architect
Project Manager
Support Analyst
IT Manager
IT Director
IT Implementation Specialist
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Operational Manager
Staff Consultant
Education Coordinator
Systems Analyst
Training Specialist
Support Specialist
IT Production Control Analyst
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Systems Integrator

Note: Some of the above professions will require advanced study or training.


For information about choosing a career, graduate/ professional school, internships or job descriptions, and for career library resources, contact:

Career Development Center
Boca Raton Campus - Student Services Building, Room 220 (SU 220)

Davie Campus - Modular G

Jupiter Campus - SR 110

For information about choosing a major and concentration and degree requirements, contact:

Barry Kaye College of Business
Boca Raton Campus, Flemming West, Room 102 (FW 102)

Davie Campus, Liberal Arts Building, Room 444 (LA 444)

Department of Information Technology and Operations Management
Boca Raton Campus, Barry Kaye College of Business Room 125, (BUS 125)

The Career Guide series was developed by the Florida Atlantic University Career Development Center, Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Undergraduate Programs, and in cooperation with the Barry Kaye College of Business and the Department of Information Technology and Operations Management.

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