Sample Thank You Letter

1421 West Fifth Street
Columbia, Missouri 45251
February 2, 2007


Mr. Howard Sturm
Personnel Manager
Modern Advertising, Inc.
1440 Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60511

Dear Mr. Sturm:

Thank you for meeting with me last Thursday, January 27th to discuss the position of copywriter at Modern Advertising, Inc. I was quite impressed with the enthusiasm you displayed for Modern Advertising’s future and the helpfulness of your office personnel. Learning about Modern’s present media campaign for the Houston Chamber of Commerce was exciting and demonstrated your creative approach to advertising. Modern Advertising is a company with which I would like to be associated.

Your description of the special qualifications needed for this position was especially interesting. My ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines has already been proven in the advertising position I held with the Columbia Missourian. As I stated in our meeting, I enjoy the challenge of a competitive environment in which success is based upon achievement. I would also like to mention that since our meeting I have received the College Reporter’s Award for an article of mine published in the Columbia Missourian. This is my first national award, and I am quite encouraged by this approval of my work.

Again, thank you for considering me for the position of copywriter. I look forward to further communication with you, and will contact you within two weeks to check on the status of my application.




Lisa Martin

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