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You should also be aware that there are web-based sites providing "free" employment services that will then sell your resume content in the market place, or provide links to services which may have obvious and/or hidden charges.
Read ALL information carefully, and be cautious of providing highly personal information such as Social Security Numbers. The entire risk as to use of information found on any of the following links is assumed by the user.

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Career Planning & Recruiting

Plan your career now
Research current job opportunities


Career Trends & Cost of Living

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Statistics from Bureau of Labor
Most extensive collection of salary surveys on the Web
Compensation Information Online: Salary Reports, benefits, negotiation issues


General Listings (All Fields)
The #1 website for careers related to accounting and finance
Career Builder
Salary calculator, determine cost of living in hundreds of cities
Career Magazine
Job search, employer profiles, articles and news
Career Path
Powered by nation's leading newspapers and employers

Chemistry careers. American Chemical Society

Engineering Jobs
All Engineering Jobs
Hot Jobs
Search for jobs, post online resume
Career resources to college students and recent grads
Register to search for a new job or just see what's out there
The largest job listing & resume database for college students & alumni
National Association of Colleges and Employers
Monster Board
U.S. and International job search, employer profiles, resume builder
NationJob Network
Search thousands of current job listings and company profiles
The best jobs from the leaders in Bioscience is a leading technology job portal.




Local Jobs
South Florida Regional Jobsite
Job Listings for Florida


Newspaper Classifieds

The New York Times
Wall Street Journal
"Careers, not just jobs", information on salaries and profiles


Occupational Information & Career Planning

Peterson's Education & Career Center
Guide to Education and Careers


State & Federal Employment

Homepage Florida State Jobs
State of Florida Job Listing
State job application form (PDF), job resource information
The Politix Group
Increase knowledge and understanding of the political process and obtain internship positions in local, state, and federal government
United States Office Of Personnel Management


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