On-Campus Recruiting

Dear Recruiter:

With another successful recruiting season drawing to a close, we are making plans for the next. As always, be assured of a cordial invitation to participate in our Fall 2008 Recruiting Program.

To schedule a recruiting date:

  1. Contact James Watson, Jr., Employer Relations Coordinator at (561) 297-3536 to schedule a recruiting date ( Check the OCR Fall 2008 Timetable )
  2. Employers must be registered with Interfase
  3. New Accounts take about 72 hours to process. You will get an email with further instructions once processed.
  4. Existing employer account:
    • Login with your username and password
    • Select "Schedules" at the top of the menubar and click "New Schedule Request"
    • Complete the following sections: Posting Information, Requirements, Interview Request Preferences
    • Select the "Save" button
    • Allow us 72 hours to approve the request form
  5. Once we approve your request form, you will receive the confirmation email how to manage your schedule. James Watson, Jr., Employer Relations Coordinator will assist you in managing your recruiting schedule(s), as well as, facilitate the actual day of your on-campus interviews.
  6. Once your recruitment reservation is submitted, the Career Development Center will advertise your visit to FAU students. The earlier you submit your request, the better we are able to accommodate your preferred date.

Interfase and On-Campus Recruiting

The Career Development Center uses Interfase, a web-based system to manage recruiting activities and interview schedules.
Through Interfase, you will be able to:
  • Enter your job listing(s) on-line.
  • Attach your job description to your on-campus recruiting schedules.
  • View and print student resumes submitted for your on-campus recruiting schedules as well as job postings.
  • Preselect candidates for on-campus interview(s). Only those candidates whom you have preselected may sign up on your schedule.
  • Send email messages to students who have submitted resumes.
  • View (and print) your on-campus interview schedule(s) and manage the status of student sign-ups.
  • Request and schedule an information session.
  • View student R.S.V.P.'s in response to your information sessions.

Interfase is a time sensitive system based upon specific dates that correspond to your particular interview date(s). It is very important that dates for preselecting candidates are adhered to.

Managing On-Campus Recruiting Schedules

Once you receive a confirmation for your interview date, you may manage your schedules. To manage your schedules:
  • Go to www.myinterfase.com/fau/employer
  • Enter your username and password
  • Select "OCR Schedules" at the top of the menu
  • Click "Schedule List" for important changes
  • View "Schedule Timeline Changes" for imporant dates
  • Scroll down to view "Sessions" to check interview dates
  • Select link titled "Manage List" from the Preselect Activity
  • Review the student's information, and then select the Accepted radio button under the Status Selection column
  • Select the Submit push button (Do only one time)
  • After viewing the resumes, please e-mail the students to inform them if they have been preselected.
  • Monitor the schedule by selecting the interview date at the bottom of the schedule

Information Sessions

If you plan on conducting an Information Session, please complete this information on the On-Campus Recruitment Schedule and we will create this event for you. Students may opt to R.S.V.P to attend the information session through Interfase.