Job Posting Policy
Employers who register with the Career Development Center are provided access to our online job posting board, titled Interfase, to post positions. To participate in Interfase you and your organization must comply with all equal opportunity (EEO) standards. All job postings must contain accurate information about the position(s) offered, as well as the organization offering the employment opportunity. We will not post any job or position that requires financial investment on the part of our students/alumni, nor will we post any positions paying 100% commision. Any interaction with FAU students/alumni must be in compliance with the NACE Principles for Professional Conduct. Information you gather here will be for the sole purpose of recruiting for open positions at your organization and will not be shared outside your organization or used for any other reason.
** Third Party Recruiters are provided limited recruiting services and access.
** Third Party/Staffing Company Employer Policy
** The Career Development Center reserves the right to edit, delete, or refuse any employer profile, job posting, or login at any time.